From Rise to Age...Our first trophy.

2009-09-06 08:40:02 by Milanous

Well what can i say but YES!!!! (Screw being humble lol). Nah just joking i can't speak for my team but i am psyched about the daily second place.
I am proud of my VA's Especially Viremaster who provided all the voices of the Metallix save for Prime of course, Voicegirl and Rina for bringing those classic scenes that i found so funny and everyone else.

Next we move to Age of the Brotherhood. Originally meant to be 5 parts I chose to cut Rise of the Brotherhood into two stories and give it justice, the brotherhood will return.
The setting is six months later, alot has happened in that time, such as the Brotherhood resurfacing, Nero will return along with a few of his friends and The Metallix Prime.
Also were looking for more plot twists than ever before.

Underdog of the week! a second trophy should i be over the moon or disapointed i don't know you tell me. this is the second trophy for Rise of the Brotherhood part 4


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2009-09-06 08:44:47

You deserved it dude. Part 4 was amazing!


2009-09-06 12:59:54

Dude I know you really deserved. PArt 4 was jsut amazing. It shows you have improved a lot.


2009-09-06 22:32:32

It sucked, really, it was just terrible.
You're 21 years old, and you're making sonic fanfiction sprite movies.
Do you feel accomplished with your life?

(Updated ) Milanous responds:

Do you feel accomplished with yours? many people of my age are having fun with Flash animation I just enjoy computers, drawing editing, Flash animation, Look at your day, your day is too find people on the internet and tell them how shit there lives are, so who's life is worse.

Milanous out


2009-09-07 08:58:14

you can count me in


2009-09-07 09:01:40

And um how do you even make vids I don't know how?


2009-09-07 11:42:07

congrats you definitly deserve it.


2009-09-09 11:30:27

I must thank you :D
Since I feel this is a better place then anywhere to leave a comment.
Being that this is my first comment ever that I even chose to write..
I thank you for a respectable Sonic sprite flash.
I simply enjoy your flashes and from the comments I read, you have been doing better and better throughout your series.
Which I must say again I enjoy.
With a plot and such as yours, finally, I can look at a Sonic sprite movie and say
'Damn it! Why put me in ANOTHER cliff hanger! ;-;'
Without hoping it will not be a DBZ rip off :D
So yes, I shall be watching and impatiently wait for the rest of the series.

And I must thank you as well. Nero's sprite was well done. Compared to many custom sprites I've seen on Newgrounds. It actually made me want to work on my sprite work again. Don't know how but still, it did.

Anyway, this is the end of my comment, you can say hallelujah now xD


(Updated ) Milanous responds:

thank you it is nice to be appreciated

Wish i could take credit for Nero i really do but I'm afraid i had nothing to do with that which is why i credit Dark the Ninja. Unfortunatly i was unable to get ahold of him to ask for permission so i gave him alot of credit (in the description and the credits) Dark is a great spriter and you can see more of his work on his sheezyart account

Age of the Brotherhood is next. I can not wait to see how this one fairs.


2009-09-12 18:36:12

DUde YOU GOT UNDERDOG OF THE WEEK SWEET. Keep it up like this man and U'll be getting review crew pick and first weeklts and daily.


2009-09-15 01:58:13

My apologies for not speaking lately on this thread. Milanous! Congrats man on your Trophy! I'm very happy for your accomplishment, you and your team should pat themselves on the back. You have achieved what many on this website wish they could grasp! You may drink from your Trophy Chalice my friend, I tip my hat to you. Congratulations.


2009-09-18 04:53:46

Loves your last episode man its going great, if you read this could you message me on DA need to talk to you, well look for my new account its on my old DA page take care and good luck with furture productions