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Well keeping to a schedule sort of I have almost finished with part 4, choosing instead to make the animation first then have the my VA's record the lines. This way the visuals are focused on first rather than having the whole thing built around the dialogue.


I am thinking of doing a Vlog for everyone showing some of what I intend to do, some non spoiler filled assets on display, give everyone an idea how much I have accomplished.

AGE OF THE BROTHERHOOD PART 3 OUT NOW!!! (After a long hiatus away)

2016-04-10 18:30:15 by Milanous

Just when you thought I was dead, Today I have finally done it. This is the last time I will ever take this long with anything in my life ever, but down to soooo many problems personal and other wise this delay has been the worst.

But finally the next part in my Sonic Sprite Flash Series "Age Of The Brotherood Part 3" is FINALLY out at last.

Between trying to stay afloat in a failing country and a failing economy and working two jobs and other issues I barely found time to sit down and do this.

but this shall be the last time I take so damn long after such a long hiatus I am glad to be back and this time I am here to stay.

For now all I have to say is enjoy Age Of The Brotherhood Part 3 and if you want to stay up to date with what I am doing

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Hey everyone I'm finally back from university, degree in hand. I'm ready to get back on track so here is a video update to let everyone know what to expect from me in the upcoming months.

Age Of The Brotherhood Part 3

2013-05-13 09:17:55 by Milanous

Hello Sonic fans. Well Spring has finally arrived here in England and a new season means a new start so with a lot of things off my plate I have decided to return to my roots and begin production on Age Of The Brotherhood part 3.

First of all i think it's time to remind everyone what my series is. Spread the word and help promote the next part.
I thought interest was dying so imagine my surprise when i found both Age part 1 and 2 on youtube and with a view count of over 30 000 each.

Many alpha scenes are already completed and the script is finished. So what can we expect in this next part without spoiling much of the plot. Well I want to try something a bit grander this time around. Many peoples complaint is that what they see in this regional war between man and machine is that it feels empty, "A war without consequence" so to speak. Acknowledged, time is come to expand and show more of the effects of the war.

We're going in hard for the next part and hopefully we can top part 2.

Age Of The Brotherhood Part 3 - The Ultimate Team up

2012-09-26 06:21:43 by Milanous

Well everyone. What could top my announcement of my Ellen Mclain interview.... Nothing that's stillt he best thing ever!!!!

But I have a new announcement which i thought would never happen and that is I have to announce the new assistant co-writer and supervising producer to my Sonic Sprite Flash Series.

The author Of The Dawning Of Darkness series; Shadefalcon.

Shade is one of the inspirations of many people and his dark toned story often sets the bar in which people seem to strive for with what they can do with sprites. We spoke and decided we would try to work together in order to bring the best this story possibly can.
Shade has been awesome, he has been there to bounce ideas off of, he'll tell me what he thinks works, what he thinks doesn't and in this specific time of "The Age Of The Brotherhood" where the Sonics story is going to reach it's darkest point, I think having him help out just feels right.

So it's good to have him on board I can not wait to see what we can do.

Milanous: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT (Interview With GLaDOS)

2012-06-04 07:21:35 by Milanous

With my let's plays with ZBK coming up of the valve video games. I thought I need to go one step further.

So I am going to be doing an Interview, but who with I hear you shout. Well check out the video.

YES none other than renowned Opera Singer and Voice actress Ellen Mclain the voice of GLaDOS from Portal, The administrator of TF2. Yes the woman who helped popularise cakes in a whole new way.

I'll be asking questions from the fans, so if you have a question you'd like to ask, please leave a comment or message me and the 5 best will be chosen and read out in the interview.

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Milanous Reviews: Elfen Lied

2012-05-26 11:28:02 by Milanous

Milanous makes his reviewing debut by taking a look back at the flawed but epic Elfen Lied. My first time be gentle, but please I would enjoy your feedback and own opinion on the series, so post a comment. Maybe even leave a suggestion on what to review next.

NOTE: My Condenser Microphone is packed away for the houses renovation so i had to use the one built into my Mac instead.

Street Fighter X Tekken FIGHT!!!!

2012-03-11 09:20:42 by Milanous

Well you may have heard that Capcom are dicks (big surprise huh) But now they have pulled there UK stock from Games Stores over the country due to trying to exploit a trade dispute between GAME and EA. Well basically now the game is pulled and it might as well be carved from Platinum, diamonds and the cross of Christ fro how hard it is to find int his country.

Well i got it somehow on ps3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I want to try my skills with it. So if anyone fancies a fight online please just message me.

Age Of The Brotherhood Part 2: It's OUT!!!!

2012-01-22 11:15:45 by Milanous

Finally after nearly 16 months of bugs, viruses changing my PC for a mac, updating my flash from 7 to CS5. Losing my data to a virus on my PC having to have the PC recover the files and finally University.

I have been a messy break up after a two year relationship, passed my entire first year of university, been to Florida twice, over 7 cons and even cleaned my room once, since I began work on this.

Finally after all that I can return to give you the next instalment of "Sonic: The Sprite Series" with Age Of The Brotherhood Part 2.

If you want to catch up you know where Rise and Age part 1 are so check em out.

Shhhhhhh! Super Secret Vlog Update.

2011-12-28 11:46:03 by Milanous

Check it all out.